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About Stokley's Services, Inc.

John Stokley founded STOKLEY'S SERVICES in 1938 to meet the growing need for mechanical refrigeration in the Tidewater area. The fledgling Norfolk Company quickly developed a reputation for professionalism and reliability.

When WWII started, STOKLEY'S SERVICES was utilized to provide around the clock service to preserve large quantities of food for our troops in the European battlefields. John and his family even opened their home to servicemen enroute to the front. Oddly enough, John was working on the Norfolk Naval Base in 1942 when a small military air craft crashed into his house at the foot of the Hampton Blvd. Bridge.

After the war, STOKLEY'S SERVICES turned its attention to providing affordable quality air conditioning for all of the Tidewater area. STOKLEY'S was soon installing air conditioning systems where we worked, worshipped, shopped, relaxed, and lived. From there it seemed natural to enter the heating field to guarantee year round comfort to the area.

John Stokley died in 1962. He left a legacy of integrity, vision, and professionalism, as well as a family challenged to carry on his work for both residential and commercial markets. Stokley’s Services was passed down to John’s daughters and their husbands: Connie and Dick Shortt and Marian and Hugh Brinkley. Hugh and Marian decided to leave the company in the early 70's because of Hugh’s failing health which left Stokley’s Services under the sole ownership of Dick and Connie.

Under the Dick and Connie’s leadership STOKLEY'S became a distributor of Westinghouse air conditioners because of their expertise with the sales and installations of Whisper wall mount package air conditioning units. In the 1970’s STOKLEY'S pioneered the installation of air to air as well as water to air heat pumps. The 70's also saw STOKLEY'S leading the pack with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products such as Electronic Air Cleaners (EACs) and whole house humidifiers. Dick’s sales and marketing ability let him concentrate on further growth and diversification for STOKLEY’S SERVICES. Connie focused on the bookkeeping while John’s brother Rex ran the service and installation department. Dick and Connie also welcomed their eldest son John Shortt to STOKLEY’S SERVICES.

In the 1980's STOKLEY'S SERVICES started in the distribution, sales, and rentals of Portable Air Conditioners designed to spot cool equipment, products, people, or even provide emergency cooling. STOKLEY'S also became one of the first HVAC companies in southeastern Virginia to install mini-split ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. During the 80’s Stokley’s Services started to train the next generation with the introduction of Dick and Connie’s other sons, Jim and Rob Shortt.

The 1990's have witnessed even more continued diversity for the company. STOKLEY'S started to install and service gas fireplacing equipment and hearth products. The decision was also made to expand on its foothold in the Portable Air Conditioning market. STOKLEY'S SERVICES formed yet another division COLD AIR PRODUCTS - and began to design, manufacture, and distribute the AVENGER series of Portable Air Conditioners. Sadly, the 1990’s also saw the passing John Shortt, Rex Stokley, and Hugh Brinkley.

The new millennium saw even more changes to the company. Due to ever changing building practices it was soon discovered that new homes were being built too tight and the term Sick Building Syndrome was coined. Indoor Air Quality saw resurgence both in interest and technology to combat Sick Building Syndrome. STOKLEY’S SERVICES began installing ultra-violet lights to combat mold, mildew, and volatile organic compounds and whole–house de-humidifiers to get rid of the moisture in the house became popular. STOKLEY’S SERVICES started selling, installing, and servicing Automatic Standby Generators. The replacement of duct systems also became an important part of getting rid of Sick Building Syndrome and improving the quality of air we breathe inside the home and workplace. Dick and Connie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and started welcoming their great-grandchildren to the world. Sadly, Dave Logan a trusted and valued employee for 46 years also passed. Dave’s loyalty and friendship made him part of the family.

Using quality products and trained professionals, STOKLEY'S SERVICES continues to provide the same quality sales, service, and installation that John did. Never wanting to rest on its laurels, STOKLEY'S SERVICES is constantly looking for new ways to provide the people of Tidewater with everything they need to lead a comfortable and secure lifestyle.

The third and fourth generation is already in place to continue STOKLEY'S SERVICES as Dick and Connie's children and grandchildren have been raised in the family business. All this started from the dreams of 1 man who was 1 of 12 children.